There is a town which possesses landscapes that are recognized everywhere. That town is San Quirico d’Orcia.
When one is traveling through foreign lands by train or plain, looking through the pages of a travel magazine or admiring the posters adorning walls or a showcase, it can happen to see a scene of a Tuscan landscape. Often this landscape will come directly from here in or around San Quirico d’Orcia.
This is why we say “THIS IS THE ORIGINAL”.
There are landscapes created by humans for other humans and defined as worldwide patrimonies of humanity by UNESCO. They are landscapes that bear the essence of a land, Val d’Orcia, in which San Quirico is, according to the historian Franco Cardini (an expert of this part of Italy), the “true capital”. This is not only because its location at the center of the valley, but above all for its more than one thousand years of history related to the Francigena way.

San Quirico d'Orcia: the heart of Val d'Orcia

Few landscapes in Siena territory are well-known as the sweet hills of Val d’Orcia, got through by Cassia way, over watched by village and medieval tower.
In the heart of the Val d’Orcia there is a perfect, essential landscape.
Many items participate at this scene: hills, badlands, the sinuous course of the river, cypresses crowning hights or following ordered the borders of streets.
On the hills, so many charming villages and isolated monuments oversee oaks’ woods, olive grove and vineyard where Brunello and other great Tuscan wines are produced.
Mount Amiata, the highest still volcano in Italy, closes the valley at West.
The wide, wavy valley seems to unfold to the wanderer as a pleasant smile.
The valley is a nodal point for many ways leading to primary routes not only for tourists but also for expert excursionists, used to enjoy beauties of nature walking around.

Trails in Val d'Orcia

San Quirico territory deserve to be enjoyed with caution and devotion due to extraordinary beautiful things, following its rhythms, crossing the wheat, vineyard, olives, painting it with colors of seasons. The trail system organized allows those who want to delight with this beauty to discover details of smells, views, emotions that just a slow wandering in the nature can offer.
Thanks to Val d’Orcia APP, it is possible to have excursion foot, by E-bike (that can be lent at the tourist office in San Quirico), by Mountain Bike or even on racing bike, simply and safely. The APP besides gives all useful info about tourist attractions most interesting, and it can be downloaded on Playstore or Itunes.
A special web site relates to Val d’Orcia trails.
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