San Quirico d’Orcia offers high quality food and wine: the oil, the heart of the tuscan agriculture, the fragrant saffron, cultivated and exported since Middle Age, and wine.

A cornerstone for tuscan agriculture is olive oil. Produced is San Quirico as wel as in other areas of the territory, the extravirgin “Terre di Siena” DOP (Denominazione Origine Protetta) oil comes from olives of various types: moraiolo, frantoio, leccino. It has a fruity smell and it’s quite bitter and spicy at tasting. For more than twenty years it’s the king of the tradition of San Quirico, that celebrate it in a feat on December, on holidays for religious feast of Immaculate Conception.

Saffron is the fragrant spice derived from the stigmas of Crocus flower, once it has been selected and crossed. Praised for its healing virtues by Plinio the Old and Galeno, saffron was cultivated in Val d’Orcia in Middle Age, when it was exported particularly in Germany. The production has been interrupted in XVI century and resumed few years ago. Today a great part of italian saffron comes from Val d’Orcia.

Local wines are famous all over the world. “Orcia DOC” denomination arises right inside San Quirico, with the score to protect and promote the image of the wine and its territory. Sangiovese is the champion of Orcia wines. This denomination includes two types of wines: Orcia, obtained from red grapes at least 60% Sangiovese, and Orcia Sangiovese, at least 90% Sangiovese, both also in “Riserva”. Orcia includes types of “Bianco”, “Rosato” and “Vin Santo”. The production area is situated between the one of “Brunello di Montalcino” ad of “Nobile di Montepulciano”. Wines are made in about forty cellars, where producers follow all the process from the grapevine to the sell with care and passion. In time of globalization Orcia wine is an artisan product, made in the respect for the nature and thanks to deep wine knowledge. Orcia wine is produced in one of the most beautiful farming area, included in the patrimony of humanity by UNESCO, and that’s why it’s called the most beautiful wine in the world!

Landscape of Taste

We celebrate everyday our products, but sometimes it gets a really good taste!!

Orcia wine festival

For all those with a passion for the enological wonders of the Val d’Orcia, this is an event that can’t be missed. It is a unique occasion which features a variety of events introducing the excellence of DOC Orcia.

Visit the website Orcia Wine Festival

Festa dell’Olio

The popular event held on the weekend prior to the December 8 holiday of the Immaculate Conception

introduces the year’s production of extra virgin olive oil with four days of musical and gastronomical festivities.

Visit the website Festa dell’olio

Bath of Beer

This event is held on a weekend in Bagno Vignoni and gives participants the chance to taste high quality beer served at exhibits which reflect the work of local producers who are known for their scrupulous work and creativity which results in beer that visitors will find excellent.

Visit the website Un Bagno di Birra

The Red gold of the Francigena way

the ancient tradition of saffron lives through the town, in Chigi palace and in many restaurants thanks to the passion of producers.