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There is a town which possesses landscapes that are recognized everywhere. ¶
That town is San Quirico d’Orcia. ¶
When one is traveling in foreign lands, walking through the streets of cities worldwide, looking through the pages of many a travel magazine or admiring the posters adorning walls in places near and far, there may very well be a scene of a Tuscan landscape to visualize and admire. Often this landscape will come directly from here in or around San Quirico d’Orcia. ¶
This is why we say «THIS IS THE ORIGINAL». ¶
These are landscapes created by humans for other humans and defined as worldwide patrimonies of humanity by UNESCO. They are landscapes of a magical place, the Val d’Orcia, in which San Quirico is, according to the historian Franco Cardini (an expert on this part of Italy), the true capital. This is not only because of its location at the center of the valley, but above all for its more than one thousand years of history related to the Via Francigena. ¶
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