Landscapes of Love

In this suggestive corner of Central Italy there are places of great beauty and elegance that can serve as a destination for the celebration of the most important moments of one’s life. For those who would like to take their marriage vows in this remarkable and unique part of Tuscany, the town of San Quirico proposes Nozze a Palazzo, a wedding in the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Chigi. ¶
A more original alternative would be to take advantage of the offer Nozze negli Horti, which gives couples the
possibility to get married in the suggestive sixteenth century gardens known throughout the world, the Horti Leonini. ¶
Either of these alternatives will guarantee an experience that will never be forgotten, an occasion that seals the union of two people in a place of unrivaled natural and manmade beauty. ¶

Marrying in San Quirico

Depending on the status of the bride and the groom to the municipality (resident, not resident, foreign), it changes processes and ways of organization. You must start asking for the request for the publishing, calling Ufficio dello stato civile (Civil status office) (Phone: 0577.899720), or going there, in Palazzo Chigi Zondadari, the town hall. The request must be asked not before six months before the marriage, then you can decide date and venue of the celebration. You can visit locations before taking your decision.
You can also ask for others rooms and gardens for the wedding.

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